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“I am writing to thank and commend you and your fellow co workers for making a difference this summer with the blood supply. Your efforts have truly made a difference in the community.

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Why Radio?

  • RADIO is KING for establishing top-of-mind awareness.
  • RADIO can reach ‘on the go’ consumers!
  • RADIO allows you to establish a special relationship with consumers
  • RADIO can cost-effectively break through the lines of media bombardment.
  • RADIO‘s unique, specialized formats allow you to target your best prospects.
  • RADIO reaches prospects closest to the point of purchase.
  • RADIO can bridge the gaps left by other media options.
  • RADIO provides creative, entertaining on-air promotions
  • RADIO can influence new markets and prospects
  • RADIO can compliment other advertising platforms.
  • RADIO’s listenership remains strong, while time spent with other media declines.